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tv   [untitled]    January 27, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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caused by government protests and an outcry over. twenty one people linked to football. troops. to. question over the truth. but only. the next election.
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with the week's top headline. chaos has spread across egypt following deadly clashes in the city's port of cairo a total of forty one people have now been killed over the past two days. government continuing to rage across the capital after thirty two people died in port following death sentences given to some of those who took part in fatal football riots last year. true the latest from. here in the capital there are clashes raging between protesters and security forces on the cornice on the key areas near government buildings this is not to tear gas in the air here in downtown cairo rocks have also been exchanged security have that presence around the government buildings as the focus of the anger here the protesters is very much
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against morsi ministration they say that so the president is not going to just admit he can't run the country and he hasn't listened to their demands to the unrest here is still continuing it's very tense to input saeed as well as the situation in egypt really descends into a bit of a crisis president mahmoud morsi counseled his travel plans yesterday and met with his national defense council to discuss the deepening crisis across the country one of the upshot of this meeting was that they may consider an emergency status we don't know the details of what that would actually mean but of course here in egypt they lived under state of emergency for thirty years in a bar which led to protests being banned and censorship being legalized something people would really be very angry with and want to avoid to get to see if this situation continues on the streets of cairo and put saeed and we see further deaths and they may resort to emergency status but here we don't actually know what's going on quite yet of course a lot of i'm going towards the president this started just at the end of last year when he pushed through what was very seen as an unpopular constitution drafted by
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an islamist dominated constituent assembly people also say that he has not made any of the changes that were called for during the two hundred fifty five i believe two years ago so he's really lost quite a lot of legitimacy on the streets at the moment we're seeing a very restive and divided egypt. and. an editor of the old coots online newspaper who says the people of egypt have grown increasingly fed up with the muslim brotherhood. we voted for him to be a good chance. to be lost. for most of the people who are out in the streets to the people in egypt now. religion and politics should be mixed clearly and some. would use. religion to get the support of the people and once the are it be with in the very very differently from what the been
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promising and that's. one of the reasons of the anger you are seeing to the industry to egypt and americans want to insure and secure their interests in egypt right now the neither the united states nor morsi himself much say what's happening to the people of egypt who are back in the streets. of the city and. shifting gears now let's change our focus that of mali where french led troops are closing in on the key northern town of timbuktu a region infested there with al qaeda linked militants joined forces earlier regain control of gal and what was seen as their first major victory in the ongoing military operation and that his party barker reports the strong military presence in mali is being seen as a result of the french led intervention to oust colonel qaddafi in libya which have
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a very few wanted peace you wanted freedom you wanted economic progress france great britain europe will always stand by the libyan people. but every general crisis probably wasn't what mischief's our cause he anticipated when he was spearheading the military operation to topple moammar gadhafi although the former french president come. say that he hadn't been warned personally i play a significant role in establishing peace in those regions of africa should the situation in libya be unstable al qaeda will establish its rule bin laden will return and libya will be another afghanistan the terrorists will flood to europe cut to paris and almost two years later market after his words could well be ringing in the years of need what i saw was the successor francois hollande having just sent troops to mali france's new leader could well be learning that every
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action has a reaction. secu so not only did the french intervention in libya not help the democratic process which is what they said they were after but it is fact if it opened up the floodgates for weapons stockpiles and fighters to leave the country and go south of the border this is no more to mali where the recently deployed french military where reportedly stunned by the technologically advanced weapons that are in the hands of their adversaries nobody seems to think that perhaps organized groups come from somewhere other than mali it seems they came across the nearby libyan border libya is as i say central to all this problem because all the plot of weapons it's been produced by the collapse of the darfur region but also a complete failure to establish any kind of real state you have essentially all the operating in different parts of libya and you have across much of this hour a situation where people have arguments where very considered sense so bribery and corruption or grabs is common place gadhafi was bitter opponent all right it was
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ahmed groups whatever his faults and they now have the ability to use the chaos in libya to provide a basis the first effects for immediate hostage crisis in algeria said to be in retaliation for the french offensive in mali has already claimed the lives of dozens of civilians taken captive when i'm frightened of terrorism this is always been a problem for france whether it's iraq or sarkozy upward it's just i'm french i was born here and my culture is french my origins are there and i was there is like another country telling me. you know we're scared of anything that threatens us. france's global allies are showing signs of being sucked into the mali conflict british prime minister david cameron has already acknowledged that battling radical insurgency in the region could take decades rather than months and all this so that
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france can remedy the knock on effects from its libyan intervention. r t paris. they're watching the weekly on. the u.s. secretary of state has acknowledged the arab revolution which the u.s. backed both vocally and militarily did lead to a rise in extremism on wednesday hillary clinton testified to congress about last year's deadly attack on the american consulate in the libyan city of benghazi she took responsibility for failures that led to the attack in september but said she had not seen requests for more security beforehand a u.s. senator john kerry is now widely expected to win an easy confirmation from the senate to replace hillary clinton who is leaving her position but some analysts believe a new face will change u.s. foreign policy a little more in the clinton legacy is pretty much i think the legacy of american wars and a counterterrorism policy that has usurped the usual prerogatives of the state
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department what hillary clinton did which was more important than anything else during her four years as secretary of state was to be part of the coalition the phalanx if you will of pro-war people which really left to president obama no choice but to go along with the forty thousand troops that the military was demanding that mcchrystal is demanding for afghanistan john kerry will not be able to fundamentally change the course of u.s. foreign policy which is again set in motion a set in stone if you will because of the power that the cia and the military really wield over the direction of u.s. relations with so much of the world particularly the middle east and now increasingly in africa as well that there is very little chance that john kerry will challenge any of the fundamental directions of u.s.
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policy such as for example the drone war in pakistan. this week the world's financial and political elite wrapped up their annual jolly in the swiss resort of davos off to mentors of domestically predicting that europe will just walk out of the crisis this year as artie's kitty pilgrim reports that the rich and powerful who gathered at the world economic forum offered lots of promises but no clear strategies. double's twenty thirteen is now the world's most influential policymakers pack up their design a suit and head home at least me hair at meiring the beauty of the swiss alps as you can see but also trying to look beyond them to work out what exactly was achieved here well first of all we had russian prime minister dmitri medvedev now he spoke about the need to diversify the economy away from oil and crack on with structural reforms but you know we've heard that before that was something new we also had british leader david cameron he came here he had some tough words to say
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for tax avoiders but really the very topic people wanted to press him on here was the fact that he will be calling an e.u. referendum for the british public in twenty seventy the business community here they felt that that was a poor amateur announcement and that it would do the economy no good or ready to challenge and in a fragile situation with dismal growth figures just released europe was of course in the spotlight as predicted we had european central bank president mario did r.k. he said the spending cuts are necessary austerity is the way forward and german chancellor angela merkel she agreed with him she reiterated that point and this really comes the same way that we've had process ongoing in greece we've had a backlash in germany as well as spain's unemployment for the youth coming out at sixty percent we also have the prayers from the arab world they came together
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valiant to improve the future for the people in the region but no clear strategy on on how to do that so you know i can tell you there's been a lot of talking a lot of pledging a lot of promise saying but no clear cut poll that says by have a real fairing that the interesting conversations happened behind closed doors. r.t. doubles. david cameron's pledge to hold an in out referendum in the u.k. is certainly shook up the event in davos the u.k. prime minister said the british will quote have their say on europe if indeed his conservative party wins the next election but it's not his andrew farmer reports the uncertainty over britain's e.u. membership is being criticised not just at home but also abroad. british prime minister david cameron has threatened to redraw the map of europe his pledge to hold a referendum on whether the u.k. should remain in the e.u.
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is when the next election in twenty fifteen basically he wants more pounds return from brussels to westminster and will try and renegotiate britain's terms of membership but he has warned that he is not successful then the u.k. would probably vote to head to the exit i was his long awaited european speech and died at the place many of those euro skeptics within his tory party there are many u.k. business leaders for example say that even talking about an exit at this stage will create uncertainty and could scare away tension investors germany's chancellor angela merkel has said that perhaps a compromise is needed. a less sympathetic mark says the e.u. is not. cherry pick the legislation that happens he said the e.u. would simply become a mess so while david cameron is his to solve any internal squabbles within the party taking place in the euro skeptics it also appears that he is driving
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a wedge between britain and other e.u. member states and. london. could have you with us here at r.t. today and probably for the third time by any minute netanyahu is a right wing blogger does end up winning the general election the faces of the former coalition to back his plans to tackle what he sees as the ongoing iranian nuclear threat and more on that and other stories so after a short break. more
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are all day. it's a quarter past three on sunday afternoon here in moscow this is artsy prime minister benjamin netanyahu may of come out the winner of israel's general election this
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week but he did suffer a major setback the two main blocs were left close to deadlock in the new parliament meaning that netanyahu has a struggle to build a stable government during the election campaign he pledged to put iran's nuclear program at the top of the international agenda and i'm sorry but who is the editor of the palestine accountable dot com earlier he spoke to my colleague my trouser that iran will be used by netanyahu to divert attention away from domestic problems . there is no peace process that hasn't been any peace process for years and most likely there would not be peace process under netanyahu or under the mentality by which israel is governed in fact i think there's too much emphasis on netanyahu while in reality netanyahu is a reflection or an expression of a growing tendency of israel this is a that is either oblivious to the peace process as in the center of this or that if this and of course the ultra nationalists and the and the ultra orthodox virally the political impasse over iran it doesn't look likely to go away soon do you think
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there's an increased chance of israel striking tehran's nuclear program given the apparent outcome of this election. it's really difficult to tell at this point because it seems that israelis are growing the becoming more aware of the deterring deteriorating economy of their own country netanyahu might use the iran iran scenario in order for him to. distract perhaps from the problems that are soon to emerge to his new government to guard this of the look in the shape of the government or jewish settlements in the west bank it's another major issue for netanyahu he said they would be dismantled during his third term actor and director nimrod came fairly well known for his prank videos he decided to take an orthodox look at the ongoing land expansion. my name is new more than easily citizen living here among. you one housing crisis at all time high the thing is there is another
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one in jerusalem but i can also live among ourselves and i think i can get that much better deal with the wise over the. would like to see the flood to buy i'm here with some investors from england. we want to invest in this area because i'm hearing the property value might go up with one flat is one million shekels his father's flat in the building that this whole new area called zero eight and one begins after those heels despite a few haters in the us almost always really critical parties support the building and selling of charming flats on palestinian land the latest talk location he won east of jerusalem hello i'm here to show a new client wants to buy property in this area is a big one investor understand is the only building currently built but if i can
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show him more. hills mall outposts. and no one except. two state solution who cares as long as the property is cheap is a jew man leaving london i want to cash in on my jewishness and i be in touch with my roots. so it's all jewish yeah yeah any non jewish parts because. not from here many people say he is not being constructive in the peace process but look how many settlements it constructed i'm hoping. to build a new settlement. this is the future for israel i believe and i'm afraid that if i buy the house and i get a document saying it's mine some day palestinians can scam and say no it's not yours because i keep listening to that in the u.k. . you see. worse. there's just
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one thing and. it's funny how those small actions has like international meaning. the moving of stones like monumentally. it's like messing with international law. this scene is the most disputed area you never noticed it just because people told us. but he says it is like a good place to build a new flat you think they'll be like because my friends want to be like to buy something before we even constructed i was coming up i. says this is the fail stone being set for the new god willing to offer you one facing the holy. i pay so much money for rent in london in the one in london and here. in the big city. comfortable it all starts here so
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beautiful hours. you can look down and palestinians this is the new area being built opens if you want i just call this. three day so all the flats in this part of town and i say no to them and it will never be evacuated today selling more and more. of the city and all the bills are you should be jewish label . me. i want to see an. agent to get all the legalities. of. you selling your house and. my house like.
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the film's director name came over saying buying a disputed west bank areas can turn out to make you sell for a very quick buck. nobody really goes in get the mindset of the religious ones in that not only just want to just come there for the deal and i mean they don't even think about politics for them it's just buying and selling and like they told me that if someone is going to a victim which they don't believe but if you're going to happen they're going to even make more money because the government will pay them compensation for the victims if you buy
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a float over there you get huge discounts if you've got many kids even more discounts you don't even have to be religious easily states like actually difficult build another well first state which is the settler jewish only west bank cities and if you just go there and you buy a float you can sell it to they could reach jewish americans some of the people i talked to never going to i mean give up their house bill from like benign heavily. into the settlement of the entire west bank and the told me that jordan is also the kind of part of the jewish state just cool and like the other ones are just like non-religious people who used to live in these early election is all about social justice kind of the whole tend to evolution the whole housing prices so pretty much if you want to live cheap in this world that's the only option. it's good to have you with us here in our team today where entrepreneur and internet activist kim dot
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com known for its now banned fall sharing service he says is at the center of a political witch hunt the shutting down of his mega upload site which was at one time the most popular on the internet and became a landmark case in the persecution of internet activists he told us here at r t that he believes basically he's being hounded from people all over the world. i'm a businessman i'm driven by the success of achieving something in the business world ok that's not a crime there's nothing wrong with that the government is quite exposed here because they went in worse completely prosecutorial abuse and overreach and ignoring due process ignoring our rights spying on us illegal search warrants illegal restraining orders illegal spying and i mean the whole war picture when you look at it shows that this was an urgent mission done in
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a rush to take them down i want them to go and it was a political decision to do that. you can watch for the full interview with kim dotcom and r c dot com but the mega upload creator is not the only victim of the campaign against internet pirates and sea secrecy crusader aaron swartz who took his own life to escape being hounded and a high risk group anonymous hit back by cracking the web site of the u.s. sentencing commission claiming the american justice system for being too harsh and driving mr schwartz to suicide more than artie's website and. also online for you were russia upgrades and indian diesel electric submarine with cruise missiles and has the newly on boat right back to the indian navy. or to some other global news for you a brief time for the r.t. world update starting with news from brazil certainly a night club fire in southern brazil has killed at least seventy people that's
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according to local media there we're getting some reports that suggest up to ninety may have died police and rescue services are still searching for the victims and the blaze reportedly began when a band that was performing the sets they started lighting fireworks caused insulation material on the walls to catch on fire more on this as we get it here on our city. meantime in afghanistan a roadside bomb has killed at least ten policemen and injured by standards in the southern province of kandahar attackers exploded the bomb next to a police truck just as officers had finished defusing another explosive device this turns out to be the third such attack in less than twenty four hours which in total have claimed the lives of more than twenty police including a local antiterrorism chief law enforcers have become frequent targets of militias . the first of six patriot missile batteries deployed by turkey in nato get this wrong every hour so far deployed by nato in turkey i beg your pardon
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then operational and the dutch system is now on standby in the city of adana with five more units set to be in place by the end of the month and nato insists the move will help defend turkey from possible rockets fired from inside a war torn neighboring syria but many believe its actual aim is to create a no fly zone in order to help the syrian rebels hold their ground against government troops. or after a short break here r t it's our special documentary thirteen percent it's a journey about the dark cloud of aids hanging of african americans. all.
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wealthy british style. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.
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own. at the start of this strange new disease affecting healthy young americans looks like this a period between the first outbreak of aids summer nine hundred eighty one and ninety five not only were people coming down with a it's and dying and so forth but nobody knew who had it or who didn't now more than thirty years since its arrival the face of aids looks like this but the social stigma of this disease lingers persons get educated but in the back of their mind a time he may still be a little dirty secret the biggest part of the.


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